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Who are we?

Anissa Cavallo and David Millis discovered years ago that a high income doesn’t always equate to the lifestyle you want. They overworked with corporate enterprises dictating how much ‘spare time’ they would have to spend on the things that mattered most to them.

Anissa was a law graduate with 20 years of senior executive experience in financial services. David was a marketing and advertising professional who worked with a portfolio of prestigious real estate and property development clients for over 12 years. Although they were earning a high income, the only asset that showed signs of achieving real wealth for them were the two properties they owned. This wasn’t accidental. Anissa and David’s passion and experience in real estate meant that their research methods, planning and investment strategy were paying off – just as they anticipated. Many of David’s past advertising clients also benefited from his and Anissa’s strategy as they were able to make more money than they had ever expected.

Anissa and David decided to take a chance at their passion and expertise. They left the corporate life to start a property investment advisory company to help others live the life they want. David became the ‘real estate connector’ with a license that allows him to gain effective control of the business, while Anissa became in charge of inspiring others to achieve their financial freedom using their unique research formula. With the time to focus and their work-life balance in check, Aniss and David combined their passion and experience with an extended team of property experts, and Eda was born.