Anissa Cavallo

Anissa has been working with financial professionals for 18 years. She has built marketing strategies, distribution models and even financial products. In that time, Anissa built a reputation for bringing investment opportunities to financial planners in particular, and helped them deliver better products to their clients. In some ways she was actually advising the advisers.

Five years ago, Anissa’s now husband David noted it was interesting that she provided advice in financial services yet she had built her personal wealth in property.

So she combined the two, applying a financial services approach to selecting and recommending property, with an ever-growing reputation for delivering results.

She is passionate about providing brilliant client outcomes through insight, valuable advice and her extensive industry experience. Anissa has invested in property since the age of 24 and is eager to inspire and coach others to follow their financial dreams. She is a busy mother, a lover of crime novels and will never stop wearing stilettos.


Amie Newling Ward

Amie is tenacious, totally fearless and thrives under pressure.

An entrepreneur at heart, she began a business in consumer electronics in 2003, building it into a global business, manufacturing accessories for phones, tablets and gadgets; most notably for Apple and Samsung products. Today this business is still going strong, but Amie always had a vision to work in property.

From her own personal property success, Amie realised that property was by far the most obvious and strategically-proven vehicle to accrue wealth using leverage to to get a great ROI while being young enough to enjoy it.

Amie is an exceptionally driven and personable sales associate with the ability to foster strong relationships that last a lifetime. It’s in her nature is to listen, empathise and engage with clients, assessing their needs and responding appropriately.

When not at her desk, Amie is busy being married with two young children.