Lauren Solomon

I was referred by a friend to attend a seminar Eda was holding on property investments. As a complete novice in this area I was looking for something that I could start to get more confidence in approaching property investment for me. The seminar was non threatening for a beginner and no fancy lingo was used! I really liked how the group shared their past experiences and this helped equip me with some new found ideas to keep me on this journey. I would highly recommend Eda seminars for beginners!

Ben Kelly

We had a fantastic experience dealing with EDA Property. My wife and I were looking for our first investment not knowing where to start. We were referred to EDA from our financial adviser and from our first meeting with Anissa and David we new we were in good hands, they gave us a lot of confidence we were making the right decision in regards to location and price as it was backed with so much market knowledge. I would highly recommend their services!!!

Yelena Kot

About 6 moths ago a friend has invited me to Eda’s Property presentation, being sceptical about it at first, the presentation ended up being informative and inspiring.
Since that time, my planning and budgeting have come long way ahead, and soon I look forward to reaching my investment goal number one.
It would not be possible without Anissa and Dave, their continuous support and advice.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and making me and my family feel capable.

Catherine Nguyen

Before I met Anissa, I found the property market quite confusing. I was getting mixed messages around where I should buy, what I should buy and how much I could afford as my first investment property. I met Anissa almost four years ago and it was a such an enlightening experience learning about the property market and how I can enter the “investment world”. She broke down the investment process in a way that I understood and helped me find a property that was right for me and my financial goals. What I love most about working with Eda is how friendly, real and down to earth they are. I’ve approached other advisories before and always felt intimidated and pressured by the investment advisors there. Anissa made the whole process so easy for me and gave me a sense of comfort. She took the time to understand my circumstances, what I really want for my future and helped build a strategy to get me there. I highly recommend Anissa and Eda to anyone who doesn’t regard themselves as an expert and would like for someone to walk with them throughout the journey or for those who do know all about the market but prefer to have trustworthy professionals manage the process on their behalf.

Tiger Roar

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable, we highly recommend taking the effort to speaking with this team of experts. We are so excited for our first investment, with out there help we wouldn’t have done it. Thank you.


I have been looking at purchasing property in Australia since trying to get my visa. Many companies have been very abrupt and unhelpful. Eda Property were so nice and helpful. They came and saw me, they didn{t mind that I wasnt ready now and they have put me on a special plan to help me save money for my education and future in Australia. Thank you for your time and you kind and gentle approach.

Har Rowny

I was looking for property agent for some time.The one i came across didn’t really care about what our needs are. Then i came across Anissa who did try the best for our needs. She recommended a house and land package.We bought it but later we decided that’s not what we wanted. Without any hesitation Anissa was able to sell this off the plan , within few weeks to another seller with PROFIT!!. Yeah. This proves her property research is spot on, and not mainly based on how much commission you get.Many thanks and best wishes for Anissa and her company.


I remember purchasing my new home in Australia back in 2011 through Anissa from Eda’s property. It went perfectly good. My experience was very positive and have remained in touch ever since. Now, recently, Anissa has helped me sell my home with ease and no stress. I signed the company contract and she took care of everything else. I thank for her efforts and look forward to more business with her in the future.


Steve was exceedingly detail oriented from the word go. He guided me through the steps and negotiations on selling my home which is why I relied on his expertise. I appreciate the efforts ofEda property and very much recommend them. Smooth and professional people!


Marcella is gifted with skills. She brought lots of people to our last house for viewing. I loved her follow up technique with clients and she updated me about every one of them. We were in a hurry and only had four months to sell our home but she did it. Lots of respect for Eda property guys, they are highly skilled.


Amy and the Eda property staff are amazing! My close friend recommended her and now I knowwhy. I wanted to sale my elderly mother’s house which was not in use for many years. She responded to our questions on every step and informed us about the customers who wanted to view the house. My husband was really happy with the smooth sale and transition, we know a few people who wanted to sell their old homes. I will surely recommend Amy to them, thank you.


We had some conversations with Jeff before meeting him. When I and my wife met him, he was very friendly and expert on the property market. He made sure that we had the absolute knowledge and understanding of how the process will go about. We came to view the property and started to explore the house. We walked around the premises and liked the overall design so we decided to buy it. Jeff took care of all the paperwork and had us in the loop all the time. Thank you Eda property.

Katherine and Mark

Katherine and Mark were on top of the work as soon as we started working with them. Both are really qualified and came up with a list of properties that we can go through. Took us to see the property and responded to all of our calls afterward. They were very caring about our busy schedule which is why we recommend Eda property as your buying and selling partner.


Jessica and Eda property staff were incredible during my first time purchasing of a house. They look relaxed and patients throughout my questions and helped me understand the process while treating me a friend rather than a client. I would highly recommend these guys!


Mark went the extra mile to help me and my husband as we were looking for a new place to live and selling the old one as well. Within 7 months, he sold our property and helped us buy a new home as well. We don’t have enough words to define how happy we are. He is truly knowledgeable in real estate as buying homes these days is really challenging. Having Eda property on your side can make your life easy, thank you, Mark.


We hired Carol to sell our Sydney home of 10 years. We requested to have open communication whether good or bad. But Carol was exceptionally good with keeping us informed about all the clients who wanted to view the house, eventually one family bought the house. We highly recommend Eda property as their staff knows the real estate market and you can trust them for buying or selling on your behalf.


I needed to buy a house for my family from a distance but I was not too sure about the market. I’m glad I went to Eda property as Scott helped me get through all the tough questions, and didn’t mind that I had my two babies with me all the time. This is the first time I have brought a house in 35 years so his positive approach was very helpful. I love my new place and it won’t be possible without Scott. Thanks man!