When you’re buying a product that is offered by multiple companies, how would you rate the best company to go with? Obviously, you will pick up your mobile and check out online reviews for those companies. The most positive reviews you find for a particular company is the one you eventually go with. The same goes for anyone who has come across your company name and now looking to use your property business services. The internet has made it effortless to get the information required, your potential customers are now searching for property reviews related to your business on the internet. The reviews and testimonials they come across can play a key role in making or breaking your next deal. So, how to maximize your chances?

Get Testimonial After Every Closing

Make it necessary to collect a testimonial after closing a real estate deal with the client. It may become hard to collect the testimonial at the later time so, it’s best that you collect it as soon as possible. Keep it short and to the point, as it will be more effective when you place the reviews on the web for other people to see or search about your property business.

Take Picture With The Client At The Property

Taking a picture with the client can prove to be an effective technique to maximize the reach for your property reviews on the internet. Make sure the client is standing in front of the property and holding a sold out sign along with keys for the property. This will be more effective than placing the reviews and testimonials alone where people only have to read and can’t see who actually posted and what kind of property they got through your services.

Display Testimonials And Reviews On Relevant Websites

Your property investment website is the most important place to display testimonials and reviews by the client. The reason is that your website will be ranked higher than your other social media platforms which is why search engines will bring the traffic to your website on the first priority rather than the Facebook and other profile pages. On your website, make sure that testimonials have a page of its own so that people come to website can read it carefully from a separate page and even place their own testimonials if they feel like doing so.

Facebook To The Rescue

If someone is searching for an online review, chances are they will land on a Facebook page as it is the biggest social media platform on search engines. Create a page there if you haven’t, and if you have a page on facebook, do create posts that describe the property you just sold to the client or the maintenance service you provided. Make sure to include the testimonial and the picture from the client with a sold sign. Be consistent with posting daily updates.

Ask Client to Submit A Property Review

There are many property review website on the internet where people can join and submit their review about a property service. You can keep the engagement active on those reviews so that your websites’ rating goes high in the market and people can click on your website link through looking at the reviews. Search for EDA property reviews to check out how clients provide reviews in various formats, and you can ask for something similar from your client. Send an email to clients reminding that you’re waiting for a positive review and testimonial from them and you would love to talk further.