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Property research strategies Melbourne

Property research strategies Melbourne. We believe in the numbers. Property is a powerful vehicle that can help Australians increase their wealth over time. It is critical to apply sophisticated and meaningful research in order to give investors the best possible chance of achieving their goals.

We have developed our own exclusive process for selecting properties on behalf of our clients.

Our pyramid research process is achieving strong results for clients. It provides investors with a unique balance of risk adjusted returns. They receive an independent and insightful appraisal, taking into account their exceptional, individual circumstances. This methodology isolates those localities most likely to outperform and achieve strong capital growth but taking into account the risk of loss; ie producing a risk adjusted return.

The research methodology has been created after many years of researching the industry and its various property advice offerings. Eda Property has developed a due diligence process that is uniquely measurable and unbiased. The process measures:

  • Mortgage risk
  • Vacancy rates
  • Volatility in price growth
  • Family income growth
  • Infrastructure spending (current & planned)
  • Competition and scarcity

We’ve engaged Asset Consultants that are audited every year by ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, to collaboratively develop our research and devise a process that delivers what our clients need.

Eda Property also works directly with owners, developers and builders, to ensure we control our agreements and get the best possible wholesale rate and inclusions for our clients.