Real estate success stories Melbourne

Vicki and Artie

Vicki and Artie are so busy being passionate parents, they’ve forgotten about themselves.

When we asked them to tell us something they’ve always dreamt of doing, they didn’t even know. They’d spent the last 4 years thinking solely about Felix. After a few hours (and a glass of chardonnay) it came as a surprise to both of them when Vicki announced – she’s always wanted to sail around the world. Artie’s response was “Yeah that sounds awesome.”

So, we’ve built a growth strategy for them that will help optimise their tax and accelerate their savings to be in a position to sail the world in style. In the meantime, we haven’t taken any of the vital cash flow and time they need to continue to be adoring parents.

Client Yuan Sean

Yuan and Sean

An inspirational couple who felt their outstanding business success should be delivering stronger personal wealth.

Yuan launched Metro Dietetics 5 years ago and has been on a mission to take over the health industry in Victoria, one gut at a time, ever since. She was joined by her business and life partner Sean, who’s a passionate advocate of the business, particularly since Yuan cured him of his debilitating Crohn’s disease. They have expanded their business to 4 different locations and employed 6 professional consultants to assist with their burgeoning client base. They were surprised they didn’t they have more savings at the end of the year.

Eda has built a strategy that will reduce their company and personal tax and help them use that money to accelerate their savings through property.

Client Grace Dario

Grace and Dario

As both financial professionals and dedicated parents, Grace and Dario are concerned about their children’s capacity to buy a home in the future.

This couple are right in the thick of it; school fees, school uniforms, sports, camps, family holidays, mobile gadgets and the list goes on. There is no time or money left to start putting away for their own future, let alone their children’s. If property continues to grow at a similar rate in Australia, their boys will need a $500,000 deposit to afford a 1 bedroom unit! Grace and Dario are buying the future homes for their boys now, but they are not interrupting their lifestyle by focusing on cash flow natural investments.

Client Boss Venus

Boss and Venus

A sibling business duo taking over the Southern Hemisphere however, Venus is extremely concerned that Boss isn’t saving enough of their hard-earned money.

Boss is only 23 years old and has a lot of things to spend his high income on. So, Eda have put in place a forced savings strategy, where he actually doesn’t have to save! It’s a win-win situation that uses the ATO and his tenants to fund the cost of his savings plan. It will also help him purchase the Melbourne CBD penthouse apartment he has always dreamt of.

Client Ryan


At 25 Ryan is a huge success and believes all this hard work and tenacity should afford him a holiday every year for several months.

As a senior engineer and technician at the intelligent energy management company carbonTrack, Ryan is well on his way to building a dream career. He now wants to focus on building his lifestyle, so Eda has built a strategy that will fund long annual holidays without dipping into his savings or equity.

Client Asher


Our youngest client Asher lives in a great house with his parents but it’s not in a zone that offers him the right education.

Asher’s parents are not keen to move from their established and perfect home, but they dream about giving him the best opportunities in life. They want a strategy that will ensure that they have enough money to pay for Asher to attend their school of their choice. Eda Property has created a strategy that will help put them within the zone of a wider variety of schools and accelerate their savings so they can afford to be selective.