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Stephanie Ginete is our operational wiz woman, she loves property, especially creating beautiful interiors. Steph talks here about how to create practical but stylish interior solutions.

Top 5 Indoor Plants We Love

Did you know that there are low maintenance plants for people with black thumbs? Yes, you heard right! there are plants that require very little love and are super easy to care for! Plants are fantastic room fillers. They brighten up a room and add a splash of colour and texture to your home. There are a lot of benefits that come from decorating your home with indoor plants. For example there are different [...]

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DIY Trends we love

We love DIY trends and one of the essential elements to any home is storage. There’s nothing better than finding a furniture piece which is versatile, easy to customise and has great style potential. We believe that the Ikea ‘Ivar cabinet’ is just that! This reasonably priced item can be transformed into a stylish credenza or dresser. For instance, by simply joining two or three cabinets together you can create a long buffet, [...]

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