Did you know that there are low maintenance plants for people with black thumbs?

Yes, you heard right! there are plants that require very little love and are super easy to care for!
Plants are fantastic room fillers. They brighten up a room and add a splash of colour and texture to your home. There are a lot of benefits that come from decorating your home with indoor plants. For example there are different types of indoor plants that help to purify the air, help to reduce stress and improve concentration, promote health and well being.

They can be placed in absolutely any room of the house and honestly we believe you can never have too much.
Here are the top 5 indoor plants we love and we think you’ll love too!

Peace Lily- Pinterest

The peace lily is a beautiful plant that brightens any space and helps to purify the air. This plant should be placed in low lighting and requires water when the the soil is completely dry.

Fiddle Leaf Fig- Stylizimo blog

The fiddle leaf fig plant is definitely popular at the moment because of their luscious foliage and because of the fact that they can easily adapt to most bright rooms. You’ll need to water generously in the warmer weather and less in the cold. Just be sure to keep the plant away from direct sunlight.

Chinese Money Plant- The Sill Blog

The Chinese money plant also knowns as Pilea peperomiodies is believed to bring fortune and success. This adorable plant only needs a shady spot in the house and only needs to be watered once a week.

Monstera Deliciosa- West Elm Stying

The Monstera is an impossible plant to kill as it thrives on neglect. You’ll need to allow the soil to dry out before watering and wipe down the leaves if it becomes dusty.

Snake Plant- bhg.com

The snake plant is becoming extremely popular, this plant is known for being a natural air purifier. It’s important to let the soil dry in between waterings and to wipe down the leaves when it’s dusty. It is best to place this plant in direct sunlight.