Investing in property is a personal journey.
So shouldn’t the relationship with your property investment advisers be too?

Hi, I’m Anissa, the face, the brains and the lifestyle crusader behind Eda Property. I help everyday Australians, like you, pick the right investment property.
Years ago, I was overworked, earning a good income but not living the lifestyle I wanted. Like you, I needed to make a change. So, in 2000 I started my own property investment journey and haven’t looked back.

People come to us Eda for property investment advice because they want change.
When it comes to investing in property, my team and I know that people want to do it right the first time.  There’s no room for trial and error.
You’ve taken the first step in exploring the idea of becoming a property investor, but you’ve found yourself doubting when and how you should go ahead. 

• Where should I buy?
• Is now the right time?
• Should I buy what I can afford or stretch it for something better?

We will walk you through each step and provide you with the latest market data to help you make the best decision possible and if you would like to start with a no obligation phone call feel free to call me directly on 0434 356 973.

Anissa Cavallo

Our advice is simple
Don’t let that little voice take over. There’s always an excuse to not do something. We say, find the reason to do it. That’s the magic.

Our property investment process is transparent, personal and will change your life.

It’s the best feeling when a client calls us years down the track to tell us how well they are doing. We change lives and we love it!
If it’s possible for you to get into the market for the long term. Do it. Change your life today. 

Because, when it comes to investing in property, the worst thing to do is nothing at all. Change something today, so you can change your tomorrow.
It costs you absolutely nothing to talk to us.