Eda Property Reviews & Client Testimonials

I’ve learned a lot of knowledge that I supposed to know before but I couldn’t have it done by myself! Anissa is absolutely a professional and knowledgeable lady in this field! Very wonderful presentation!!

During the presentation, I’ve enjoyed quite a few parts, e.g. the wheel of life, the mental and physical barriers of investment, and how to select the locality, which is the first important step of property investment!

Highly recommended!

Amy Tse

I had been looking at getting a property for YEARS but I often got cold feet until I was recommended to EDA. They took ther time with me and explained the property market and investments in a very non biased way, educating me enough to build the confidence and understanding that I needed to peruse my goals.

I feel it is a lifestyle for them not just a job!

I consider myself to be a good judge of character and with EDA I have built a large amount of trust that I wasn’t able to build with professionals in the past.
I rarely do reviews but I feel EDA deserve this so I highly recommend EDA!

Chris Soleman

We had a fantastic experience dealing with EDA Property. My wife and I were looking for our first investment not knowing where to start. We were referred to EDA from our financial adviser and from our first meeting with Anissa and David we new we were in good hands, they gave us a lot of confidence we were making the right decision in regards to location and price as it was backed with so much market knowledge. I would highly recommend their services!!!

Ben Kelly

Before I met Anissa, I found the property market quite confusing. I was getting mixed messages around where I should buy, what I should buy and how much I could afford as my first investment property. I met Anissa almost four years ago and it was a such an enlightening experience learning about the property market and how I can enter the “investment world”. She broke down the investment process in a way that I understood and helped me find a property that was right for me and my financial goals. What I love most about working with Eda is how friendly, real and down to earth they are. I’ve approached other advisories before and always felt intimidated and pressured by the investment advisors there. Anissa made the whole process so easy for me and gave me a sense of comfort. She took the time to understand my circumstances, what I really want for my future and helped build a strategy to get me there. I highly recommend Anissa and Eda to anyone who doesn’t regard themselves as an expert and would like for someone to walk with them throughout the journey or for those who do know all about the market but prefer to have trustworthy professionals manage the process on their behalf.

Catherine Nguyen