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Welcome to EDA property.

Welcome to EDA Property. Your first step towards a passive income.

Hi I’m Anissa.

I’m the founder of EDA Property and a true believer in the positive impact property investment can have on our happiness.

Property investment in Melbourne is a great way to secure your wealth. To give you a lifestyle of choices. We’re talking about earning a passive income from long-term property investment. It’s money that you’ll earn with minimal activity and effort.

It gives you choices. Like being able to:

  • send your kids to a reputable school
  • take an overseas trip
  • buy a new car, or
  • start your own business.

Passive income will help you have more of the lifestyle you’re wanting. We know this because it’s worked for us. We started our own investment journey in 2000. Now we enjoy a lifestyle with financial freedom, flexibility and wonderful lifestyle choices.

We’d love you to join the hundreds of other people we’ve helped to make a lot of money and achieve the lifestyle they want.

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Anissa Cavallo

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