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We’re so thankful for the trust our clients have in us and we are delighted that they are getting results. We love helping hard-working families that deserve a better future. They deserve results.

Thank you for all the energy that you put into working with us. Thank you for your trust, your kind words and Eda Property reviews.

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I called the Eda team to enquire about purchasing my own property as a first home buyer. The first meeting was amazing and so helpful and I can’t wait to continue this journey with them.

Harry McFarlane

Had a brilliant experience with Anissa, no task is too small or too big, no negotiation too tough to tackle, and always kept us informed, on track and got the job done well. In the end, our land and build package has been valued with a significant increase in value prior to the build even commencing, so I can gladly recommend EDA Group to anyone wishing to increase their wealth and expand their property portfolio.

Pauline Ngametua

We would like to thank Anissa and her wonderful team for making it happen as a first home buyer. I am so glad myself and my partner have came across Eda property. Anissa is absolutely great and so professional. I’ll be very honest I’m the type of person who is very sceptical on dealing with something so big like buying your first home, especially at a young age with no experience about buying a property. Buying our first home is what we always wanted. We have been through a couple of brokers and have been left disappointed until we came across Eda property that have changed our whole perspective and made our dreams come true. Anissa is a very honest, trustworthy person and full of knowledge and has been extremely helpful for providing all the information for my partner and I to understand the process of buying a property, land etc and we indeed have learned a lot from her. Myself and my partner would like to give thanks and would like to appreciate the effort of what Anissa and not forgetting her awesome team for their time, guidance and service.

I highly recommend Eda if your looking at buying your first home or want to invest in a property 🙂

Sukhdeep Singh

Thank you very much to Anissa and Stephanie in purchasing our first home, Being our first home we didn’t know where to start from . They r Very knowledgeable and always have your best interest in mind. I highly recommend them, they made the whole process is very easy. Once again thank you very much

Mark Wright

I have used EDA now to purchase two investment properties and the process has been great with the help of Anissa and Steph. The areas that Anissa has pointed out as high growth areas have been spot on with the latest property I purchased being valued by the Bank at $46k more than the initial purchase price, before the build has even started. I could not be happier and I am looking forward to getting the next 5 with EDA 🙂

Michelle Dent

Thank you so much for making something happen that I thought would never happen for me, thank you Anissa for being so amazing, this lady really is out for your best interests and wants to help make your dreams come true, she really knows her stuff and can help people realise their dream of owning their own property, I highly recommend EDA Property Group.

Leanne Colwell

Myself and my partner could not be happier with services of EDA Property. There were exceptionally helpful and insightful. Being inexperienced in the world of property they gave us all the knowledge we needed to help us understand the process and what we needed to do. What could have been a pretty stressful and scary experience turned into something exciting. Anissa has assisted us in getting two properties. We could not recommend the team at EDA more.

Helen Younger

EDA property Group have been excellent from day one, even going up beyond, we (Kelvin Malcolm and myself) can not thank them enough for the time they have taken. A special thanks for their efforts to help fix up our property for problems that have fallen on deaf ears from previous builder, we look forward to working with them on future properties. 😁

Terry Talarico

being young and inexperienced i didn’t know where to start, but Eda property guided me every step of the way all the way to settlement of my first property. couldn’t have done it without the extremely helpful team, highly recommend

Mo Abubakr

Great service by Eda Property, they really spent the time and effort to help me find the ideal first investment property. Would highly recommend there services 😊

Ahmad A

I was in touch with Eda Property Group from last 2,3 months and all the group tried to help me how much they can;

But the most I really appreciated Anissa, The way she handle the situation with her professional skills. It would not be possible without Anissa continuous support and advice.

Anissa is a very helpful and a professional

Person in this team. She has a very good knowledge and a great experience in her field. Her response is amazing quickly and she knows how to deal with clients in a professional manner, I like her customer services very much. 5*

I highly recommend her to other investors or even first home buyers.

Thank you Anissa

Catherine Macgregor

We have worked closely with Anissa and the team at Eda for a few years now. We have found the service down to earth, honest, professional and very hard working. We will continue to work with Eda on our investments. Thank you for everything.

Abu Haruni

Anissa has been extremely helpful and very professional. She has very good knowledge and vast experience in this area.

She understands customer requirements very well. Always respond quickly and in professional manner.

It was a wonderful experience working with Anissa and her team and I have learned a lot.

I am looking forward to working with her again – I highly recommend her to other investors or even first home buyers.

Mark Carey

Anissa was amazing to deal with. From her professional team. Having great laughs over dinners lunch’s. Anissa is very professional and easy to get along with. Myself and my partner Amanda are wrapped to have our 1st investment property together. Thanks to EDA and team.

William Pollard

Anissa, her team and her connections are awesome. I was sort of looking to get my self out of the hole that I had found myself in, so I was looking at different ads and what they offer. Spoke to some folks and they sounded legit, but i don’t know, in my gut, when I had my first meeting, I had a good feeling. Too many times I ignored my gut and regretted it, so I went with it. She shows you the figures of what it all looks like if you were to jump on board, and before you commit, gives you a topographical road map of how your journey will be. I will definitely keep working with her.

Chris Soleman

I had been looking at getting a property for YEARS but I often got cold feet until I was recommended to EDA. They took ther time with me and explained the property market and investments in a very non biased way, Educating me enough to build the confidence and understanding that I needed to peruse my goals.

I feel it is a lifestyle for them not just a job!

I consider myself to be a good judge of character and with EDA I have built a large amount of trust that I wasn’t able to build with professionals in the past.

I rarely do reviews but I feel EDA deserve this so I highly recommend EDA!

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